A Pink Sky

My grandson, Dylan, woke up Saturday, opened the drapes, glanced at the sky, and said, “Look! God made the sky pink today because it’s my birthday!” Dylan has a particular love for the color pink and perceived the morning sky as a birthday gift from God.

How often, when a little blessing comes our way, do we give praise and thanks to God for this good thing? Dylan reminded me that all is gift, including the colors revealed by dawn. I can’t remember the last time I woke up and gave thanks for the color of the day.

I know I have lamented to God more than once, when suffering or misfortune has visited me, “Why me?” That question seems to come easily in the midst of difficulty. But recently when I was asked, “If there was one question you could ask God, what would it be?” I responded with what came to my heart, “Why me?” Why, God, have I been given so much– a wonderful family, a faith community who brings meaning into my life every day, the opportunity for education beyond my dreams? Why do I have such good friends? Why do I live in this country? Why am I healthy?

Why me? If there is a one sin common to many of us, it is to take so much for granted and forget each pink-sky day is pure gift.

Dylan’s comment reminded me of a beautiful story I saw of a boy who couldn’t see colors until fitted with special glasses. His family recorded the moment he first saw color. His response to his father touches me, no matter how many times I see it. It made me wonder if my heart holds awe and gratitude to Our Father for the colors of my life!

Boy sees color for the first time.