I Should Have Had the Crepes

Recently we were invited to a cool little restaurant in the city. Maybe I should preface this with the background that we are creatures of habit. We visit the same few restaurants and I inevitably order the same thing each time. So, I took in the trendy décor of this restaurant, found the menu on the QR code and saw the selection. The crepes caught my eye. Many years ago, I had crepes and when I saw them on the menu the memory of their sweet distinct flavor came back to me. 

And then I saw the cheese omelet, my usual-go-to-choice. As we chatted with our friends waiting to place our order, I thought about this “big” decision. When the waitress came to take our order I said, “Cheese omelet, please. It was fine, but as soon as we walked out, I immediately thought what a boring choice I had made. It might be another 30 years before I am offered crepes again…

I have (obviously) thought about that choice and wondered how often I have done this same thing. To not be (even a tiny bit) adventurous. How often do I simply not live with passion, joy, fun?

I recently heard a delightful poem called, “If You Had Your Life to Live Over.” It suggested we might consider eating less cottage cheese and more ice cream, relaxing more, worrying less, watching more sunsets, caring more about actual troubles and less about imagined ones. Life is short, isn’t it? I believe our God wants us to live aware of the beauty, variety and splendor that the simple things of life give us.

Children are teachers of this posture toward life. Doesn’t a child more often say, “yes” to walking in puddles, jumping off anything higher than the floor, hugging another child, and wondering at the bugs on plants, worms in dirt, clouds in the sky? This childlike mindset toward the little things in life might improve our adult hearts.

There are so many big problems in the world. Sometimes things just go wrong, go sideways, fail or break. There is so much we can’t control about both small and significant things.

I believe God would want us to appreciate the gift of life and accept joy in simple things. Jesus said, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” I know he wasn’t talking about my breakfast, but I think at the heart of that comment was recognizing our journey as human beings on this earth is a transient gift! Can we find God’s generosity even in life’s small offerings? Can we live with joy?

So, when life offers it, maybe once in a while, maybe next time, I will order crepes.