Answer to Prayer

nateandmasonI witnessed a sweet conversation between two of my grandsons. They were seated at our high island stools sharing a snack. It looked something like a scene out of Cheers except instead of sharing a beer they were drinking water out of Ninja Turtle cups. I heard Mason, age 4 ½, ask his cousin, Natey, age 6, if Maria was his sister. Natey affirmed, “Yes, she is.” Mason said, a bit wistfully, “God gives you sisters.”

Mason knew this because he had requested one from his mom earlier in the week. She responded to him that indeed, it is God who “gives” sisters. She explained it was not a request she could honor on her own.  But she added, “You can pray for one.” Upon hearing this Mason folded his hands, bowed his head and respectfully requested, “God, please give me a sister.” He then immediately turned to his mom and asked, “What did He say?”

This is why I listen so intently to the conversations of children. Children get some things as adults we grow out of, like knowing our complete dependence on God and living each moment in trust that God has the answers. How often do I converse with God and expect a clear direct answer? I pray and wait, but what I really want is an answer, a solution, preferably straightway.

I ask God directly and confess I turn as quickly as a child to God and expect to get what I ask for. Though I may have decades of time and experience beyond that of a child, when it comes to the real mysteries in life we seem to be in a similar boat.

Maybe, like Mason, I have to learn to wait in watchful trust. The answers will unfold, maybe not right away, but in God’s time. But in the meantime, I might mention the sister idea to God myself.