Dear Mom

I have wondered a thousand times if I have done the right thing as a mom, a wife, a friend. Did I say things in a way that encouraged and lifted up those I love or discouraged them? Did I anticipate their needs and respond adequately? Was I warm, welcoming and kind?

Sometimes I forget to give myself credit for the small, simple things that I do for those I love. But even more often, I am not mindful of the things others do that remind me they love and care for me. I forget to say thank you. If I stop, for even a minute, I see how full of love my life is and it changes my perspective on most everything.

My husband emptied the dishwasher before I got home from work. (Actually he also turned it on before he left for work so the dishes got cleaned in the first place!) My son sent me a text yesterday just to ask how I was doing. My colleague understood when I was late on a deadline. My days are full of benedictions I walk past in a fog because I am thinking of the next thing on my agenda.

I thought of this because at my sister’s memorial last week, my nephew, Patrick, who has special needs, had his big brother read a note from him. It read:
Dear Mom,
I love you.
I miss you.
Thanks for making my lunches.

Thanks, Patrick, for reminding me to say thank you for the little things that make life rich. Thanks for reminding me to appreciate the million simple ways we say “I love you” transforming common acts into the blessings they are.